Reminders and some more pictures :)

We have a busy month ahead of us, here are a few reminders…

EVERY Thursday is library day!  Remember to have your child bring back their library books in order to get a new one.

Thursday Oct 3- The Georgetown fire department will be having an open house at 6pm.  They told the students about this today when they were speaking about fire safety so I’m sure some of you have heard about it and wondered.  A lot of the kids were interested 🙂

Friday Oct 4-Walk-A-Thon 10:15-11:00.  This is not on our Friday, however you are welcome to bring your child if you are wiling to stay.

Friday Oct 11- Post Family Farm field trip.  Please turn in money and permission slips.  If you would like to be a chaperone, please make sure to fill out a background check.

Here are some pictures from this week and last week.  The students had their first trip to the computer lab where they learned about how to treat the computer and how to play some fun literacy games!  They also learned all about fire safety today!


Have a great night!

Mrs. Boes


Math Stations and Behavior Chart


I wanted to share a few pictures of math stations and explain our behavior chart once more.

Here are some pics of math stations.  This particular time all of the groups did the same activity, this is to get them accustumed to math stations and being in small groups.  The hope is that math stations will offer them an opportunity to do math activities that address their needs in math.

Here is a picture of the classroom behavior chart.

Each morning all students begin on green “ready to learn.” To stay here students must show me they are listening and make sure not to distract others from learning.

Yellow is “think about it,” this is simply a warning to students that their behavior is either distracting others, taking away from their learning, or unsafe.  There are no consequences to this, it is just a visual reminder that they need to make better choices.

Orange “teachers choice,” this occurs after a student has had multiple warnings to make better choices.  I decide a consequence for their behavior.  This is often a natural consequence such as missing some play time because they were choosing to play at an innaproriate time or sitting in their seat away from others for a short time because they were being unsafe.

Red “parent contact.”  If a student needs so many warnings and consequences throughout the day that it is seriously affecting their classmates learning, their learning, or the safety of others, I will contact the parents.  Often it is a quick phone call home at the end of the day, however, if the student frequently lands on red do not be surprised to get a call from me and your child.  When students who make bad choices realize there is a connection between home and school they often make better choices in the classroom.

Blue “great job!”  This is when students go above and beyond.  For example, picking up without being asked to.  Saying kind, encouraging words to thier peers, etc.  I also like to pick a certain procedure during the day such as sitting safely at carpet and when I “catch” a student doing it consistently they move to blue.

Please know that unless students are on red I usually will not contact a parent.  This chart is mainly a visual for me and the students.  It helps me keep track of who I have spoken to already about behavior and most importantly give students positive reinforcement when they are on green or blue.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!

Have a great night!

Mrs. Boes

More pics from our week.


I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I am very excited for this upcoming week as we will begin a lot of our curriculum such as Handwriting Without Tears and Zoo Phonics.  This last week we spent a lot of time “preping” for these by discussing the types of lines letters are made up by (straight and curves) and going over the zoo characters.  Here are a few pics to demonstrate and a few just for fun ones 🙂

First Week…check :)

Our first week is officially complete and boy oh boy did it go great!  This week we mainly worked rules, procedures, and how to work together.  Here are a few pictures from our week.

As always please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Boes

Welcome to Pre-K!

   It’s hard to believe that school starts in a few short weeks!  It’s been a great summer and I have already begun planning for our year and preparing the classroom.  I am looking forward to meeting everyone at the open house on Monday, August 26 at 6:30.

Supply list:

Elmer’s glue stick (large size)

2 packs of CRAYOLA 24 pack of crayons

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